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Infos for Stormrise:
game:Stormrise (SR)
Genre:Real Time Strategy
Release:March 27, 2009
ESRB Rating:M - Mature: 17 Years and older
ESRB Content:
  • Mild Blood
  • Strong Language
  • Violence
PEGI Rating:Age above 16
PEGI Content:
  • Realistic looking violence
  • Strong language
  • This game allows the player to interact with other players ONLINE
  • PC-Windows
  • Playstation3 Playstation3
  • Xbox360 Xbox360
  • rating:
    (1 vote, 100%)
    Actual votings (Last 30 days):
     (90.06 %)
    eXga Gamerank: 13
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    Stormrise is a post apocalyptic real-time strategy game from Creative Assembly, the makers of Medieval II: Total War. Two warring factions arise from the rubble: the Echelon, a technologically advanced race that endured the planet's fallout by way of self-induced hibernation, and the Sai, a tribal society that adapted to the new apocalyptic environment and evolved over time. Players can command units in the air, across rooftops, on the earth’s surface and even underground; this unique idea of “verticality” introduces multiple layers of gameplay that must be mastered for strategic advantage. The experience is heightened by a simple yet effective control system tailored specifically for consoles, which allows easy unit selection, rapid navigation and precise deployment.


    System Requirements

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Dual-Core CPU with 2.8 GHz or equivalent
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 9 GB free HDD
    • NVIDIA GeForce 8800, ATI Radeon HD 2 Series equivalent or better

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