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Top Games: Logical
Gamerank:Genrerank:Game name:User-Rank:
2911Jewel Games - Hexus78.94% Diamantenfee78.94%
2953Cursed Fates: Der kopflose Reiter78.94%
3204Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi78.94%
3395Picross 3D78.94%
3726Ewige Reise: Das neue Atlantis78.77%
3737Mystic Games - Phantasmat78.77%
3799World Riddles: Animals78.77%
39310World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages78.77%
39411Die Ritter der Rätselrunde78.77%
40012Die verzauberten Inseln78.77%
40613Logic Cubes78.77%
40714PuppetShow 2: Souls of the Innocent78.77%
41115Call of the Ages78.77%
47116Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek78.77%
47917Lumines: Electronic Symphony78.77%
48518The Clockmaker: Die Stunde des Uhrmachers78.77%
49019Mahjongg Artifacts78.77%
51120Time of Vikings78.6%
52121Jewel Games - Aranjas 378.6%
52322Aranjas 278.6%
54723Aztec Tribe: New Land78.6%
55524World Mosaics78.6%
60625Dark Strokes 2: Das Königreich des Schnees78.6%
61126Mystery of Montezuma78.6%
62427Schatz Persiens78.6%
62628Snark Buster Club78.6%
64029Unsolves Mystery Club - Ancient Astronauts78.6%
64430Sheeps Quest78.6%
64831Jewel Quest Mysteries 3: The Seventh Gate78.6%
65632Vampire Saga Pandora`s Box78.48%
66233Nebel der Elfen78.43%
66434Die Clumsys78.43%
70835Land der Pharaonen78.43% Schatzinsel 278.43%
79237Laura Jones 278.4%
79938Vampirsaga: Büchse der Pandora78.31%
80239Im Land der Wikinger78.28%
81540World Riddles: Seven Wonders78.26%
81741Das Smaragdriff 278.26%
82242Die Wiege Olympias 278.26%
85944Enigmatis: Der Nebel von Ravenwood78.26%
89545Diddl: Puzzle78.26%
91846Mystery Mahjongg78.26%
92547Deep Blue Sea: Die Schatztaucherin78.26%
92648COGS: Das ultimative 3D Puzzlegame78.26%
93549Crazy Machines: Elements78.26%
93850Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame78.26%

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