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Top Games: Card- and Boardgames
Gamerank:Genrerank:Game name:User-Rank:
1832Archon: Classic79.74%
2113Skip Bo79.51%
3885Profi Skat 478.83%
4976Don't get Angry! 278.61%
5157Monopoly Star Wars Edition78.61%
5308Fritz Powerbook 201078.61%
5349Das magische Labyrinth78.61%
54710Monopoly Tycoon78.61%
7341111 Kartenspiele Deluxe78.38%
7531218 Kartenspiele78.38%
95313Might & Magic: Duel of Champions78.15%
122314Solitaire Mystery - Macht der Karten77%
164215Die Chroniken von Emerland: Solitaire74.03%
180716XTreme 10 Phases Mehrspieler72.76%
187417Strip Holdem - Alexis Texas72.11%
205618Chessmaster: Die Kunst des Lernens70.81%
215419Seven Seas Solitaire70.36%
259021Wii Schach66.69%
293022Die ultimative Brettspiele Sammlung63.25%
299123Texas Hold Em' Poker Ultimate62.79%
299624Texas Hold'em Poker Pro Challenge62.79%
307525Las Vegas: Texas Hold'em - Pokern62.34%
319526Slotomania - slot machines60.62%
361527Poker Players Paradise54.38%
39932850+ Silver Generation Skat Deluxe43.09%
404729Don't get Angry!39.87%
421430Texas Hold'em Poker Pack23.83%
422131Poker - Texas Hold'em23.6%
427032Telltale Texas Hold'em Poker16.04%
434133BVS Solitaire10.39%
434634Kartenhaus 29.97%
4369353D Kartenspiele8.93%
437336Groschengrab 28.93%
451338Battle vs. Chess4.54%
456340World Series of Poker3.18%
462641Die 7 beliebtesten Kartenspiele2.73%
469143World Series of Poker 20082.27%
477244World Championship Poker 22.04%
486545Texas Hold'em Poker1.82%
488246Platinum Solitaire 31.82%
490147Poker Pop1.82%
490548World Poker Tour1.82%
494449Trivial Pursuit1.59%
498050Monopoly: World Edition1.59%

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