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Top Games: Managergames
Gamerank:Genrerank:Game name:User-Rank:
5391FIBA Basketball Manager 200878.31%
17172Total Club Manager 200272.92%
19123FIFA Manager 1171.29%
19204DSF: Basketballmanager 200871.26%
20185Handball Manager 200970.52%
22526Handball Manager 200768.95%
22857Fifa Manager 0968.69%
24238Der Eishockeymanager Heimspiel 200767.53%
25439Radsport Manager Evolution 200866.61%
266710Fifa Manager 0765.6%
271511Kostenloser Fußballmanager65.13%
313412Boxsport Manager61.07%
324113RTL Racing Team Manager59.41%
325014Eishockey Manager 200959.22%
334015Handball Manager 200857.74%
335416BDFL Manager 200657.34%
351617World Basketball Manager Tycoon54.93%
365218Anstoss 200752.72%
373319Regina Halmich Boxmanager50.42%
435021Total Club Manager 20049.14%
437022SMASH DOWN: Bosxport Manager8.56%
437123Pole Position 2010: Management Simulation8.41%
491524Prison Architect1.15%
510225Football Manager 20120.96%
511626Crash: Tag Team Racing0.96%
552627Pro Evolution Soccer Management0.77%
635028Football Manager 20060.58%
641429Basketball Manager 20140.58%
723330Football Manager 20130.38%
752631Jahrmarkt Manager0.38%
757132Amusement Park0.38%
763633Heimspiel: Handballmanager 20080.38%
779934Heimspiel 2006: Der Fussballmanager0.38%
788735Kicker Manager0.38%
789136Volltreffer: 20 Fussball-Spiele0.38%
794137Football Manager 20140.38%
818838Die Haus-Fee geht nach Hollywood0.38%
843239Anstoss 4: Der Fußballmanager - Edition 03/040.19%
893540FIFA Manager 130.19%
902441FIFA Manager 120.19%
930242Radrennsport Manager Pro 20130.19%
937343Party Service0.19%
948844Premier Manager 2004-20050.19%
976346Actionliga Hockey0.19%
993747Ski Park Manager Val d'Isère 20030.19%
1001148YoungStars: Fussball Manager0.19%
1006149Anstoss 3: Der Fußballmanager0.19%
1017550Flughafen Manager 20.19%

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