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Top Games: Survival-Horror
Gamerank:Genrerank:Game name:User-Rank:
321Resident Evil Zero80.61%
492Resident Evil80.23%
2663Resident Evil: Revelations78.69%
3064Dead Space: Extraction78.69%
3645Silent Hill 378.5%
3706Dementium II78.5%
4637Resident Evil 7: Biohazard78.5%
9119Siren: Blood Curse77.92%
102310Dead Space 2 Platinum77.92%
117711Dead Space 276.92%
133212Dead Space75.77%
143513Dead Island75%
145914Resident Evil: Deadly Silence74.8%
149915Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly74.47%
151916Resident Evil: Dead Aim74.41%
155917Dead'n Furious74.07%
163618Resident Evil 473.44%
164219Left 4 Dead73.42%
166020Silent Hill: Downpour73.3%
174721Condemned 272.72%
175722Resident Evil 572.63%
192723Silent Hill Origins71.19%
194224I'm not alone71.09%
200825The Mystery of Freddy70.71%
220926Resident Evil Code: Veronica X69.37%
231227Resident Evil 3: Nemesis68.52%
234628Haunting Ground68.18%
240429Resident Evil Outbreak File #267.59%
257830Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth66.41%
267731Silent Hill 4: The Room65.45%
274232Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City64.87%
282133Left 4 Dead 264.02%
294634Silent Hill 262.72%
297935Alone in the Dark 562.65%
307336Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles61.82%
312637Silent Hill - Shattered Memories61.16%
318638Dementium: The Ward60.47%
321840Escape from Bug Island59.98%
333241The House of the Dead 2 & 357.89%
349642Into the Dark55.12%
350843Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles54.93%
354644Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero54.74%
365645Silent Hill: Homecoming52.58%
379546Resident Evil Outbreak48.1%
391847Resident Evil 643.82%
396748Forbidden Siren 243.05%
411249Cursed Mountain35.83%
415950Forbidden Siren31.36%

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