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Top Games: Survival-Horror
Gamerank:Genrerank:Game name:User-Rank:
281Resident Evil82.24%
632Resident Evil Zero80.88%
2323Resident Evil: Revelations79.29%
2694Resident Evil 7: Biohazard79.29%
4825Silent Hill 378.61%
4866Dementium II78.61%
5227Dead Space: Extraction78.61%
6538Siren: Blood Curse78.38%
7639Dead Space 2 Platinum78.38%
114211Dead Space 277.64%
141212Resident Evil: Dead Aim75.62%
141613Dead Space75.59%
144914Resident Evil: Deadly Silence75.39%
148915Resident Evil 475.07%
150416Dead Island74.96%
151917Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly74.86%
152818Dead'n Furious74.77%
166819Resident Evil 573.74%
166920Left 4 Dead73.73%
174721Silent Hill: Downpour73.18%
179422Condemned 272.82%
191023Silent Hill Origins71.75%
205124I'm not alone70.81%
206425The Mystery of Freddy70.81%
212326Resident Evil 3: Nemesis70.43%
215927Resident Evil Code: Veronica X70.34%
240828Haunting Ground68.18%
246129Resident Evil Outbreak File #267.7%
252030Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth67.23%
263331Silent Hill 4: The Room66.4%
270632Alone in the Dark 565.76%
283833Left 4 Dead 264.32%
291834Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City63.34%
292935Silent Hill 263.25%
308436Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles62.27%
312037Dementium: The Ward61.7%
312238Silent Hill - Shattered Memories61.69%
321940Escape from Bug Island60.26%
333741The House of the Dead 2 & 358.34%
351242Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero55.23%
353743Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles55%
360344Into the Dark54.55%
368845Silent Hill: Homecoming52.11%
380546Resident Evil Outbreak48.34%
390247Resident Evil 645.13%
400248Forbidden Siren 242.86%
410849Cursed Mountain36.88%
415250Forbidden Siren31.62%

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