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Top Games: Party Game
Gamerank:Genrerank:Game name:User-Rank:
211BUZZ! Junior Jungle Party82.47%
312EyeToy: Play Sports82.24%
1924Point Blank79.51%
2075Click Clack XL79.51%
3966Family Party 2: Outdoor Fun78.83%
3987America's Next Top Model78.83%
4158Carnival: Die neue Jahrmarktparty78.83%
4459Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden78.63%
68310Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time78.38%
68611Dirty Dancing: The Game78.38%
70312LIPS: Number One Hits78.38%
76113Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force78.38%
87114Midnight Play! Pack78.15%
100015Pranksterz - Wie ärgere ich meinen Chef77.92%
112216Delicious 277.73%
118217Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party77.33%
123818Job Island76.88%
125719Wedding Salon76.78%
135120Die verrückte Strandparty76.15%
148121Weisse Bescheid?! Das Horst Schlämmer Quiz75.16%
153922Family Gameshow74.71%
156523Wii Play74.48%
15662442 Spieleklassiker74.48%
171825Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games73.35%
177726A Girl in the City72.96%
200527Pikmin 271.04%
204928Little Shop: City Lights70.81%
208829Habitrail Hamsterball70.59%
220530Wario Ware: Smooth Moves70.07%
252432Bomberman Land67.21%
254033Rayman: Raving Rabbits67.11%
258534Bomberman 6466.69%
269735Bomberman Land Touch! 265.88%
279736Sophies Freunde: Unsere Tierarztpraxis64.66%
280537Böse Nachbarn64.58%
281638Hank der Maulwurf64.44%
294639Boogie SuperStar63.04%
295140Mario Party 863.02%
306141Totally Spies: Totally Party!62.37%
309542Asterix at the Olympic Games62.18%
322944Playmobil - Pirates: Boarding!60.1%
324845High School Musical: Sing It!59.78%
341146Mario Party DS56.6%
354247Game Party55%
362348Mr. Slime jr.54.11%
369649Bratz Kidz Party52.01%
374050Wahrheit oder Pflicht?50.49%

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